Donate Computers or Equipment to Us

We are always very happy to accept computers because we can turn them around and put them to good use for a good cause. We frequently receive donations from Cornell University departments, labs, individuals, libraries, independent groups, and many other organizations. The CCRA is an excellent way to:

Things We Accept
  • Desktops and laptops (from any brand) from ~2010 and onward (the newer the better)
  • LCD monitors of any size
  • Mice, keyboards, hard drives, USB sticks, speakers, cables, headphones, etc.
  • Other hardware such as scanners, printers, etc.
Things We Do Not Accept
  • Really old computers and equipment that is well past modern use (like Pentium IV CPUs and older)
  • CRT monitors
  • Very large items like office copiers, large fax machines, etc.

For all donation inquiries, please Contact Us.