CCRA Meeting Minutes (9/29/11)

Link to an article about us in Maximum PC!
Letter of thanks from locals: Enfield Volunteer Fire Company
Updated list of current projects
Updated pictures for Packing

Gave computers to Tioga Central schools. Look into other local schools
Someone wants broken computers to fix up and donate if we can’t fix them
Possible Bahamas Teaching IT

Should contact different department chairs
Determine all the specific local schools

Awareness event for Computers in other countries?
Possibly get matching donations for one of our currently pending donation requests

Contact Ithaca College Library / IT department for possible donations

CCRA Meeting Minutes 9/22/11

Donations to Local schools destroyed by flooding
Need processing
– Set up processing time / training
– Check Inventory

Letter of thanks now up on the website
Get pictures from local places we’ve donated to

Plan LAN Party on the 14th of October 9PM – 2AM