Minutes- 4/7/09


New donations to discuss:
Diocese of Damongo- needs laptops, which we are not able to supply right now. Will ask them to see if they have funds for shipping
Jamaica difference- need about 20 desktops to donate to Allen Shaw foundation. Need to inquire about shipping costs and technical support in location where the computers would go.

Request to donate:
-Michael Hood from Bethesda, MD. wants to donate a computer. Need to figure out how it’s going to get here.

-Charity House Party: April 25th. More info. to come

-Decided to add a new question on application regarding availability of requester’s shipping funds.

Elections in two weeks:
-Positions open: President, Treasurer, Secretary, Director of Publicity, Organizational chairs (2), Grants coordinator, Webmaster
-Send an email to the listserv if you are interested in running for any positions.

Minutes- 3/24/09


-Kobina came and talked about the result of our shipment to Ghana last summer in conjunction with the Pan-African Scholars.
-Grants: we have been looking at a couple of grants. We talked about creating a position for searching for grants and other fund sources.
-Donation requests:
– we agreed to the Auburn prison request but we don’t know what they need or when they need it.
– Christian children samaritan Kenya
– Ministry of Education, Bahamas
– Amberations
– JA Farms
– Jesus Cares Orphanage
– Mexico Solidarity Program
– Lala Kenza Primary School, Casablanca, Morocco.
– New Horizon Association for Education and Education, Morocco.

Requests to donate:
Leonard Gross- Trinitron monitor
Terry Ehling- Printer with extra cartridge
Aidan Schwarz- Four older desktops
HILC- Three computers

-Shipment to Kenya is taking off tomorrow

Minutes- 2/24/09


-We need something to ship. All shipments are on hold and we’re running out of space.
-HILC wants to donate computers to us. Three Pentium 4’s.
-We just got 11 hard drives today, probably 10 more tomorrow.
-Decided to fast-track Kenya shipment. (20 computers and monitors to biotech organization, ABNETA, contact person is John Recha). We have funds but no shipper as of yet. We will pack this Saturday, 1:30pm in Bradfield. Call someone if you need to be let in.
-CU Prison education program: surprise visitor- Rachel. She told us that they need 25 desktops and a printer.
-OLPC (one laptop per child) program: $10000 stipend to deliver laptops and train recipients in any African country for 10 weeks. We talked about participating by proposing a project in Zambia.

REMINDER: Packing Party for Kenya this Saturday (2/28) at 1:30pm in Bradfield.

Minutes- 2/3/09

Members present: 12


-Anyone who wants to learn how to process computers meet Terence in 701 Bradfield around 2pm tomorrow (2/4)

-LAN Party:
-Who’s bring what: Dave- Wii, controllers, Smash. Rob- xbox360, Halo. Steve- Guitar Hero, xbox controllers, xbox360, Halo.
Al- xbox controllers, madden 09, RCA to mp3 adapter. Rob- xbox360, Halo. Kevin- Rock Band.
-Ask people coming how they heard about it
-Can’t use G27, but we’re using two other classrooms.
-Meet at 7pm to help set up. Need people for later shifts.

-Fundrasier with Irakli. Georgian poet who we donated to. He is willing to help us out with fundraising. More to come during next meeting

-We have enough computers for South Africa, not all are processed yet.

-Decided to commit to Bronx Charter School and Stanford Medical School donation requests. These requests will be fulfilled when we have enough supplies.

That’s all, folks.

Minutes- 1/27/09

Members Present: 14

-Tax-exempt status: we’re filling out 501C forms

-LAN party on Feb 7, 2009
-Still in Stimson G25. Also planning on using two rooms on first floor.
-Need 3 xbox 360’s, a wii, controllers, projectors
-Food: Chips and drinks for free
-Charge for admission: $5, $20 for groups of 5
-Advertisement: poster is made, facebook group, sending emails to listservs
-Games: Rock band, Halo 3, Smash Bros., COD4, Warcraft, Starcraft

-Updated donation requests:
-Teachers without Borders: 60-80 cpu’s only (shipping provided)(already committed to this)
-CU Prison writers: 20 cpu’s + monitors, projectors, 2 laptops (already committed to this)
-Cameroon Education Project: 10 cpu’s + monitors (shipping provided) (already committed to this)
-CU “Ban” Kenya Project: 4 laptops (already committed to this)
-Stanford medical school projects in China, Mexico: 10 cpu’s
-CU Kenya Project: 20 cpu’s
-Iraq CU/Marines: 15 cpu’s
Teachers without Borders is ready to go. Need to find out how many processed computers we have so we can get back to other requests.

-Status of Ghana shipment: Machines have arrived in Ghana, don’t know if they’ve reached the orphanage yet

-Particle accelerator tour: still undecided. fill out the survey

Meeting Adjourned

Minutes- 1/20/09

Welcome back, everybody!
New year, new projects.

-Requests to Donate
-Christopher Dickson, 1 40x CD-RW drive
-Library printers, need more space before we accept these
-Donation requests:
-Auburn Prison
-South Africa (Yunus), older machines
-Labatco Limited, cyber café in Western Province Kenya. Will provide some time for students to use the machines
-Mexico Solidarity Program, need laptops to send to Mayan-indigenous students
-Koinonia Collaborative, may have missed this opportunity since they were going on a trip over winter break
-Manuel Martinez, Martinez Head Start Center in San Antonio, wants computers for his classrooms
-Lucky Gunasekara, Stanford Med. 2 pilot programs, 826 Valencia and Pilot Program in Mexico and China
-Csamaritan children – training HIV/AIDS orphans in Mumias District, western kenya
Top priority projects: Auburn prison, South Africa
Projects we need more resources for: Mexico Solidarity Program, Labatco Limited

-LAN party planning: tentative date will be set after poster is made.

-Attention everyone who wants to process or wants access to our Bradfield office for any reason: contact Ben to get a key.

-Fill out the poll on doodle.com that Ben sent out so we can set a meeting time.

Meeting Adjourned.

Minutes- 12/2/08



-Storage space: Ben is meeting with Bradfield building coordinator tomorrow, probably going to get keys. We should start moving machines in there ASAP. Planning on moving on Saturday at 2:00pm. We’ll need some people to drive back and forth from upson to bradfield and people stationed at bradfield to move computers upstairs. Meet at Upson at 2:00pm on Saturday.


-Treasury update: $650


-Article about Iraq shipment in Chronicle should come out soon.


-Shipment to Liberian orphanage was halted because of financial problems. 


-Particle accelerator tour next semester: Do we want to do it in the morning or afternoon?

Minutes- 11/18/08


-Packing Party on Sunday: Failure. We’re going to move the rest of the machines to Alejandro’s office and they’ll take care of the rest of it.

-Storage status: We’re losing the TL office but we’re getting space in Bradfield 701 by Dec 3. We get keys with a $5 deposit.  We’ll have to plan a day for moving all of our stuff from Upson to Bradfield. We could use the van.

-LAN Party: Poster is finished. We need to print and start posting them. We have a $20 gift card we could use as a prize. Ben is going to send out messages to listservs and the people who came last year. Kevin can you make a new poster and send it to Al?

Things people are bringing:

  1. Steve- Halo, Guitar Hero + controllers, 3 xbox controllers
  2. Rob- Wii +controller, Wii sports, xbox 360 +2 controllers, CoD 4, Halo
  3. Al- xbox 360, madden, ncaa football

Dave- can you bring wii controllers and super smash?

Meet at Stimson at 7pm if you want to help install and setup. It starts at 8pm

-Babbage’s is closing. Sustainability movement potentially wants us to merge with them. Babbage’s would take care of local donations and we would cover international shipments. In the short term, Babbage’s is going to give us their leftover machines. We can use these for our shipment to South Africa.

-Iraq shipment went out today!

-We need to start processing some of our donation requests. (Kenya, Cameroon, Sudan, Uganda, Nigeria, Costa Rica, and local requests)

Minutes- 11/04/08



-Packing party on Saturday, 11/08/08, at 2:00pm in basement of Upson for Nicaragua.


-Decided to push back LAN party to 11/22/08 because it will be easier to plan and it’s after a prelim onslaught. We need posters so if you have any ideas please submit a draft by next week! We’re also going to submit a donation form to Collegetown Bagels so we can get free food.


-Andrew opened a checking account with M&T Bank. No minimum balance, no monthly fee. Our balance is $450.00. We also have $93.00 in cash.


-Ben is meeting with building coordinator of Bradfield to discuss possible storage space.